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The Rodak Nature Trail

This is a short, ¾ mile nature loop with interpretive signage which leads to our Beaver Viewing Deck and Salmon Viewing Deck. The trail has been recognized by Alaska State Parks to be an educational trail which prohibits any disturbance of plant materials along the trail.   Please keep all pets on leashes on the Rodak Nature Trail.

Rodak Loop length:  .75 miles

Elevation change:  128 feet

Trail grade:  6.5% average

26% of trail is greater than 8% (descending). 

Maximum grade 12% descending.

12% of trail is greater than 8% ascending.

Cross slop:  1% average

Trail width:  60” min

Easy, hard packed dirt trail.

Rest stops:  0 mile, 0.35 mile, 0.4 mile, 0.54 mile and 0.6 mile

All large roots and rocks have been removed from the trail making it usable for most hikers, including families with small children, seniors and disabled hikers.

Rodak Nature Trail & Nature Center Vicinity Map




The Albert Loop Trail

This is a 3-mile loop that begins at the Nature Center and reaches the bank of the Eagle River. The trail is groomed during the winter months for crosscountry skiing. Depending on the extent of beaver activity and rainfall, this trail may be muddy with standing water in places. However, the hike is well worth it, as the trail traverses rich habitats. This trail is regularly closed from August through October to allow bears to feed on salmon-rich creeks without creating potential bear-human conflicts. For more information go to http://www.rei.com/passport/Albert-Loop-Trail.

Please keep all pets on leashes on the Albert Loop Trail. 

The Dew Mound Trail

Depending on how many loops you take of this multi-looped backcountry trail, you will travel between ½ mile to 6 miles. This trail is more rugged than the Albert Loop Trail – narrower and with more elevation gain. You will be rewarded with stunning views of the Eagle River Valley and the lovely little Dew Mound Lake.

The Historic Iditarod or Crow Pass Trail

This 25-mile trail is considered “a must” for Alaskan backcountry hikers. Extending from Girdwood to the Nature Center, this trail has it all – from glaciers and river crossings to pastoral stands of birch and a glacier-fed swimming hole. This trail is not for the novice trail hiker. Depending on trail and weather conditions, sections can be potentially hazardous. Hikers should consult a trail guide for more detail and contact us for current trail conditions.



More Info

Check out the Nature Center's Crow Pass Trail Facebook page for current information posted by hikers, plus maps and more.




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