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February 2017 Programs

Online Registration for programs will be available when we launch our new website. We'll keep you posted. 

Friday, February 3, 7pm

Astronomy Series:

Tonight’s presentation is by Terry Drake. The Cassini orbiter is fast approaching the final phase of its mission to explore Saturn and its complex system of rings and moons. After almost 20 years in space, the Cassini mission will end in 2017 when the spacecraft plunges into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant planet, burning up like a meteor. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

The Astronomy series meets the first Friday evening of each month from October through March. There’s a presentation on a special topic (approximately 1 to 1.5 hours) followed by a questions and answer period. If skies are clear, be ready to go outside and view the night sky (bring binoculars or telescope to share). Students ages 10 and up can earn their Jr. Astronomer certificate and astronomy supplies when they attend a minimum of 4 of the 6 programs this season and write brief synopses of what they learned. All Jr. Astronomers will receive recognition on March 3rd.

Saturday, February 4, 11am
Special Event ($30 fee; Registration required):

This 20/10-mile winter bike race is a fundraiser for the Nature Center. The race, which is part of the Chain Reaction Cycles Abominable Snow Series, will start and end at the Center, with some riding on the frozen Eagle River. There will be an award ceremony, bonfire and barbeque after the race. Entry fee is $30 if pre-registered, and $35 on the day of the race. Details at www.ernc.org or register with Chain Reaction's Abominable Winter Bike Event Series.

Sunday, February 5, 11am
Special Workshop (Free; registration required):

If you’ve never been on skis before, or would like some tips to get more comfortable, join volunteer Lilly Goodman-Allwright for an introductory class in cross-country skiing (not skate skiing). You’ll need to bring your own equipment and dress in non-cotton layers. Note: in case of lack of snow, we will discuss cross-country skiing tips, places to go, and gear. Limited to the first 12 people (ages 10 and up; children need to register along with an adult); register at www.ernc.org or 694-2108. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Saturday, February 11, 2pm
Jr. Naturalist Program (K-6th):

An insulating blanket of snow can help plants and animals survive the cold. Learn about some of the life that depends on snow, and then we’ll look for signs of life on and beneath the snow. Dress for going outside. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Please note: The Nature Center closes at 3pm today for Night with the Stars preparations.

Saturday, February 11, 5:30-9pm
Special Event (tickets $100/person):

Our guest speaker is author and public radio show host Charles Wohlforth. Mr. Wohlforth’s recently published book “Beyond Earth” offers groundbreaking research and argues persuasively that not Mars but Titan offers the most realistic and thrilling prospect of life without support from Earth. Mr. Wohlforth has won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Science and Technology, among many other awards.
Appetizers, dinner and dessert provided by Chefs Alayna Cuddy and Naomi Everett.  Harpist Beth Baker.  Wine and beer courtesy of Specialty Imports and Broken Tooth Brewery. Tickets are $100/person; tables of 8 available. Reservations at 907- 694-2108.  Online reservations will be available as soon as our new website is up and running.  We'll keep you posted!

Sunday, February 12, 2pm
All Ages Program:

Love is in the air and we’re not the only species on the planet with interesting pair-bond and mating rituals. Discover the amazing world of pheromones, mating routines, and brilliant displays of affection in the animal world with volunteer Ginamaria Smith. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Saturday, February 18, 2pm
All Ages Program:

It's true -- dinosaurs lived in Alaska!  Paleontologist Philip Bottrell will give an overview of recent discoveries and find out how these incredible beasts could have survived the long nights and cold temperatures of Mesozoic Alaska. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Saturday, February 18, 7pm
Armchair Travel Series:

Explore exotic and travel-friendly Oman and Zanzibar with local Geography teacher and Fullbright scholar Michelle O'Leary. She will share her experiences traveling with the University of Arizona's Center for Middle Eastern Studies in the summer of 2016, and discuss historical and modern connections between these two fascinating countries. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Sit back and relax by our woodstove while vicariously visiting far-away lands: each month focuses on a different destination. Contact naturalist@ernc.org if you’re interested in making a presentation of your travel experience.

Sunday, February 19, 2pm
All Ages Program:

When someone does not return from an afternoon ski, or from an overnight backpacking trip, and you call 911 – what happens next? How do state troopers and volunteer search and rescue groups work together to find the subjects and return them safely to friends and families? If you are the person who is missing, what can you do to make it easier for search teams to find you? Presenter Dean Knapp has been a volunteer with Alaska Mountain Rescue Group for 17 years and has managed several large wilderness searches. He will give an overview of the search process, illustrated with examples from searches in Southcentral Alaska. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Saturday, February 25, 2pm
All Ages Program:

How many types of owls call Alaska home and where can you find them? Join volunteer Ginamaria Smith and her live great-horned owl to discover some of the fascinating habits of Alaskan owls, followed by a discussion of favorite places to go owling around Anchorage. Free; $5 parking for non-members.

Sunday, February 26, 2pm
All Ages Program:

Volunteers Sandy Halstaed and John Ferguson will talk about animal tracking as well as trapping. If you're a dog owner, you'll want to know where you might encounter traps within Chugach State Park, as well as how to release a dog from a trap if it should get caught. Weather permitting, we'll go on a short walk to look for tracks after the indoor portion of the program. Free; $5 parking for non-members.


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